Words versus Music

What is it about melodised words that get us going? That gets me going? That triggers a strong emotional reaction that the same words, unmarried to a set of notes, may in certain cases leave me, well not indifferent entirely depending on content, but with such a watered down version of the same feeling.

Number one: for sure it’s the Words. The Words create lines of verse in our heads, prose or poetry, other peoples’ thoughts and concerns that form a story every time, that are somewhat open to interpretation within the boundaries the Words themselves set.
Mostly it’s unhappy or distraught stories that make the headlines. And this is a universal truism, universal throughout time and across vast geographical distances. An example is what makes a good successful news story nowadays? Crimes, scandals, disasters and general hardship. Either that or what is increasingly popular is reality TV and celebrity gossip, which serves its purpose to demean the people we ourselves have foolishly put on pedestals. Or to look at past times, open your old History books, they are filled with war, plague, famine, economic crises. The list continues along the same lines.
Let’s face it, writing Black and Gray has always been way hotter than writing Pink and Pop in general. (This is why I have strategically chosen ‘Gray’ as the title of the blog, my ulterior motive is to become popular, famous and to end up being gossiped and traduced by the media of the future, and finally to conquer the world which has been my dream since I was introduced to Nikleodeon’s ‘Brain’ character – I expect a little grin from my readers at this point, am I correct?)
There is something about the bleakness of misery, the agony of pain, the anxiety of distress, the prison of unrequited love that is most popular, because it stirs darker emotions than writing about the eternal sunshine of a happy and gloriously elated mind. Therefore, Dark is Powerful.    

Number two: for sure it’s not just the Words. For definite it’s the Music. It has this incredible ability of moving you in deeper levels than any bunch of words could, generally speaking. There are times when you can listen to the intro of a piece and are instantly on board a ship embarking on a journey. A journey that is entirely yours, a journey that does not bound you, a journey that is unchartered. Music has no language, and yet it can so easily ‘talk’ to people of totally different speech patterns and codes.

OK I should not diss the Words. I like words, since I am not a musician or an artist, they are the only form of expression I have. All forms of creativity and of expression are powerful. Its about creating something that emanates from within, that only the initial soul can feel, that can then be tangible to others in one of the five senses.

I actually revere the Words. It’s just that yesterday, although I felt totally immune and impenetrable to certain set of them, I broke at the sounding of the Music.

I take my previous contemptuous judgment away with me and leave you with this:

Listen to the Words or Music that fill your soul, that speak from your heart to your mind.
“You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.”
― C.S. Lewis.

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