The two hemispheres

I take my coffee black, no sugar, no milk, with a splash of cold water at the rim, so I can taste the invigorating aroma that already fills my nostrils without further delay. This is a predictable, self-inflicted habit circa 7.30am on weekdays that exhilarates the mind and triggers the conqueror in me to 'Carpe Diem'.  
I applaud simplicity when I see it, I relish it, I revel in it. Nothing simpler than a black cup of coffee. Check.

In a day that could hold many intricate patterns of behaviour, of events, of sequences, of randomness, these will remind you; will jolt your gut, will make you realise that when you strive to control your trepidation to be able to predict situations before they develop, is in fact a justified one. Control, what control? Control of a routine? No, that would be utterly boring, to the point of a predetermined mental death.
However, even in routine, I find consolation in the fact that things can just happen or not, and do or don't so totally beyond my sphere of influence. Although this frequently frustrates the rational, commonsensical hemisphere of my brain, the rash, rebellious, restless hemisphere is in subconscious debauchery.

The battle between these two parts is constant. In conflict, in contrast, what you feel compels you to act, but what you think compels you to hold back.
Driven by a need to feel protected, safe and secure, your choices may lead you to have a comfortable life, with a house overlooking a calm and tranquil lake. Where the water is crystal clear, as glassy as a mirror, and there isn't a ripple in sight. Breathe in, breathe out....yes, how lovely. How long til you suffocate in the want of air, the lack of a wind gust to tickle the water's surface? A throw of a pebble to add to the timid lake-bed below?

How long til you crave the turbulent sea, with its violent crashing waves, its storms, its force, its hidden mystical depths?

Not long...look out for the signals 'you' send up in smoke for 'you' to see.

"Under water where thoughts can breathe easily
Far away you were made in the sea
Just like me"
"Psychic changes are born in your heart entertain
A nervous breakthrough that makes us the same"

 - Red Hot Chilli Peppers


  1. "How long til you crave the turbulent sea, with its violent crashing waves, its storms, its force, its hidden mystical depths?"
    not long...i dont usually last very long!! i need my drama, my passion...

  2. There are some people who wouldn't have it any other way, others that have been 'lost' at sea for so long that they yearn the lakes' safe-haven, and then the 'greedy' ones that cannot pick a side, wanting a bucket full of each type of water...

  3. My life has always been turbulant, I only know how to swim in deep seas, agree with AG about drama and passion. However we create it, our thoughts crave it, and reality creates it, PS this is the law of attraction xoxo ES


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