A triumphant light, in everyone

...The time has nearly come for the eternal moment, the triumphant light, the divine birth, and the shining star, to shower us with all their luminous force.
But on the night of the Eve of Christmas, it is said that winter spirits and creeping creatures ascend from rocks and caves, to feed on fears on mankind, the fears of men with darkness and greed in their hearts.
The chance to transcend time was one of the wonderful, yet ambiguous offerings of solstice darkness; at that pivotal moment, men might see into the past and glimpse the days to come. A man might see the shades of those who die in the new year, but among them, he may also see himself.

It is this greed, this human curiosity that often overrode folklore intimidating legends and led to men secretly seeking out an encounter with the ghouls and ghosts of Christmas.
The ghosts entered the houses of their descendents to feast on the offerings left for them and make merry in the night; they gathered in deserted churches at midnight on the Eve. To see them was dangerous, because they were so eager for mortals to join their tattered company; yet there were those who braved the churchyards for the sake of a taste of forbidden knowledge...

Don't go searching for answers of questions that are not yours to ask. Be thirsty, but in the right places. Be less greedy, less selfish.

Embrace the darkness inside you, only to realize that you have a light that glows stronger still.

Merry Christmas, xox Ra-Ra


  1. shivers up the spine! merry xmas Cham-Ra xxx

  2. ...only to realize that darkness cannot survive in the presence of light.

    Merry Christmas

  3. ...neither can exist in the presence of the other and the latter cannot be in existence without the former. A bit of philosophy there, thank you so much for your comment Nikolas.
    I would also like your opinion on any other posts you found interesting.
    Merry Christmas


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