The Waiting, The Waking, The Calling...

Tense as if your muscles are on constant strain
Blank as if your mind is empty
Numb as if your soul has been decanted

And you wait, in the waking
Perched on your seat,
Grabbing the armrests with all your fingers' might

And still you wait, at the most awkward hour of the day
Waiting for the calling of the darkest hour when its' clear

There is clarity in the dark, in the night,
In the comfort of the silver anti-sun

It's beams, they guide your senses and dissolve all fences
When you realise, you digest, you no longer resist
That you are indeed a child of the night.

“Listen to them - children of the night. What music they make.”
Bram Stoker, Dracula

If you listen closely, you will hear, they are calling for you.

Wake up the ghouls of Halloween, that have fallen in slumber again, tonight!
You will not see them, you will feel them.

'The most beautiful things in life are the things you cannot see.
That's why you close your eyes when you cry, when you dream and when you sleep.'

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  1. it will sound "hyperbollic" but...you touch my soul


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