Time Machine

I want the key to the time machine,
The one you won’t let me use.
I want to be shaken sideways in time,
Until my body can no longer bruise.

I want to show you how to be free, like me,
In an instant, that I could do.
I want to soar above our worlds' woes,
Until my wings get heavy from carrying you.

I need to hear your voice in my dreams,
The one that used to soothe my fears.
I need to hold your hand in mine,
When my face is drenched in tears.

Tell me how to right a wrong,
How to undo the damage done,
Tell me it was not your Achilles heel,
Swear to me that what we had was real.

More real than pain, than loss, or my heart I will kill.

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  1. beautiful!!!!i loved it!!one of my favourites RaRa...you touched my soul...again ;)


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