The last of the 20’s.

The 20's are for gaining experiences, says I.

A most curious transitional period beginning as an awkward young adult with an appetite to see the world and get a taste of life, until you actually do and then when it bites back you feel disillusioned, lost and shaky.

Looking back 9 years, I would describe the 20’s decade as follows:

Someone (Randomness) throws you into the Sea of Life when you only barely know how to swim, and have very little sense of direction. You have an imaginary first aid kit, complete with arm floats, a measly compass, a whistle, a couple of band aids and the advice of elders. If you are lucky, the current will be gentle and your arms will not tire. You hope the current is gentle. No, no, you almost believe it. You have to because you see no rescue boat or cruise ship in sight. So, there you are, amidst the waves, wandering and wondering, trying to figure out whether you spend your energy trying to become an expert swimmer, or searching for nearest land instead. And there in that moment of dilemma, does the fear start to sink in and the horrible question burns your mind: what about sea monsters lurking beneath the surface? What about hybrid shark-serpent creatures, and Moby Dick and Nessie prowling in the depths below? Panic attack, muscle cramp. Breathe. Close your eyes, recuperate your troops.

University, 2 degrees:  Skill set acquired.
3 jobs, 7 years away from home: Skill set enhanced.
Journeys to unknown lands, exposure to new cultures, meeting people of great value. Choices equates to Freedom. Making decisions. Right ones. Wrong ones. Receiving Love. Learning lessons.
Take another deep breath:  Life enriched.

And you still don’t know the answer to the dilemma. But at least in a flash of the 9 years past, you’ve gathered the wood-work needed to make an imaginary boat to get you cruising the big blue. And then, when you jump back it the depths, it will be willingly, and the dilemma of swim or shore will cease to exist.
So I have one year to build my imaginary boat.

Will it be all ‘smooth-sailing’ from then on? And if, for the sake of argument (and optimism) it is, will I not get bored? I guess I can always take a plunge in the monster-infested waters and curse the day I realize the monsters were only in my head.


  1. Very well written dikia mou! Will the sea get rougher? Let me share one of my favourite quotes on subject "We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds." Aristotle Onassis xoxo ES

  2. I admire the quote, and the man of course! High winds and ferocious waves is what we must be prepared for, only to enjoy & appreciate the calm, when it comes.

  3. may you have many smooth and joyous years ahead of you :) really nice post Helen RAra


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