Consequential Nemesis

The clouds come down again to covet the evil,
In spirals they descend, raging and rattling, heavy as the rain they bear.
Caught red-handed, purity now cemented,
The Furies of self-loathing come to plague the blackened heart.

Slithering down like serpents infuriated,
Seeking to spread the spawn of disease created,
Their voices whisper the name, laced with the stinking breath of rotten guilt.
In the maze of the mind the blood stained prints tell the Fury jury,
That the pestilent madness is at reign, dissolving the lines of reason,
Like spiders spinning frantically their web of woe around their retired foe.
Time stands still from night the rabid Gray hounds of penitence are released and onwards.

Licking their frothing jaws and plunging their sharp paws into the mind’s ground,

They rampage past fathomless crevices where virtuous memories hide, to corner your naked fears,
Feeding them starkly before rapaciously starting to ravage all but jagged bones and prickling thoughts.

Time stands still from night the rabid Gray Hounds of Penitence are released and onwards.

Eternal and immortal, 'tis the vicious circle of crippling Consequence, and its bestial Hydra sibling Nemesis.


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