A taste of divine bitterness - 'Overcliff' lyrics request.

I can hear the silent scream of corrupt vanity
Sounding for sorrowful times coming
The drum rolls behind the hearse, defying gravity
Of ideals and morals melting

You wait for what you’ve wanted
You plan until you are haunted
You promise yourself your acts are undaunted
But you trust in the rage that leaves you feeling taunted

Perilous and senseless you lay
Bones shattered, mind battered
By desires of grand decay.

Lost and forlorn you shall stay
Lives departed, all hope trampled
But your sons, the price they will pay.

You pray to your gods of greed
You bury your living dead creed
You believe that by this you are freed
But you drain your spirit as it’s poison you bleed

I can smell the reek of a corporate sell-out
Driving in circles around the platinum fire in the sky
Feeding off the festered remains of sins, no doubt
Taste the divine bitterness as your soul is about to die.

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