The Gray Decorum

Daze and dream with no limit.
Blow kisses against the wind.
Don’t bend the truth to be kind.
Accept desires and watch them transpire.
Throw old regrets into the pyre.
Raise the stakes.
Crack the mirror in seven.
Drive forward and brake in reverse.
Kill deceit before its rebirth.
Dance hard or die slowly.
Live fast all your life.
Believe you were born beyond the sun.
And that you sleep behind the moon. 
Shed only diamond tears. 
Become alive by shaming your fears.
Drink from the sky’s wishing well.
Crawl your way out of the nine circles of hell.


  1. Yeaaaahhhh!!! Very powerful! I like the live fast all your life ;)

  2. "Drive forward and brake in reverse."



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