Stonebringer, Skinny Whales, Indian Revolver live @ Six D.o.g.s

The first summer night of 2013 found me at Six D.o.g.s to experience live performances affiliated with SAE Athens in some way. And although the place was perhaps not fitting for the time, a night out with SAE Athens at a live gig venue is never 3 hours badly spent. Three very different bands, each with their own sense of 'music', graced the stage in a live gig that I undoubtedly enjoyed most out of recent others.

First up, the guests of the night, Indian Revolver. These guys were like an explosion. Kudos number one to the lady manning the drums who made me forget about my initial comparison to Meg White. A second kudos goes to the diversity of each song that was played. On one track I got a strong ska vibe, on the next it was something between a true rock 'n' roll beat with garage riffs and a psychedelic polish; further to that there were underlying melodic influences of blues, yet the vocals were deeply rooted in grunge. There was also a mishap, or at least that's what it sounded like to me, unless it was (for some obscure reason) intentional, when it felt that they could not synchronise for a while on one specific track. Although it sounded a bit all over the place for the first couple of minutes, a third and final kudos for 'saving' it and delivering a very good performance once the sync issue got sorted, with buzzing energy.

Skinny Whales
were the 'Indie' Intervention. The Alternatives. I am not a fan of this sort in all honesty, so I felt slightly bipolar watching them, something between concentrating hard on one song, then lapsing on the next. Indie is such a broad genre that if you do not own it, you will get lost in all its twists and turns. I would describe the Skinny Whales sound as easy, laid back and for a brief moment it took me to a time of fewer worries. I think mission accomplished for a first time listener. The band played well, they seemed to enjoy the set and as this showed the more up-tempo the set became, culminating in the finale cover of "I wanna be your dog" which was done tastefully.

, the biggest name on the bill, are a band that in my opinion should not be missed nor overheard. They are heavy as lead, with the wind of metal behind them, and the elegance of progressive instrumental revelries in their compositions that makes you wonder: heavy? and metal? They make it work splendidly. With their EP released late last year, 'Ocean of the Brave', which is produced by SAE Athens and renowned Chris Tsagarides, Stonebringer have evolved showing that they are not just another heavy band. They have an inherently heavy sound but with intellect, purpose, passion and a vision that is refreshingly newly found. The fan base at the gig was large, and, feeding off the bands' intensity, the majority sang along lyrics they knew, and head banged to new songs they have not yet learned, which are to be recorded shortly. The encore gave the evening a satisfied closure as they played 'Smoking Rainbow' and one of the guitarists could not resist taking his dripping wet t-shirt off, and playing topless among the front rows of the crowd.


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