Cross Visions - 'Overcliff' request.

Condemned, callously convicted
Hanging from the cross of humanity
His own symbol of redemption
Betrayed by men, by faith, by Father.

Motionless, numbed by the bloodshed
Nailed down and strung up
The thorns scourge his barren soul
Treason by vindication of the masses.

Father will you not hold me in your treacherous embrace?
Do not leave me hanging in this forsaken place
They have only but impaled me
And you refuse to save me

Do you mean to say I am dying in vain?
It is not of the flesh that I feel the pain
Shall I give my copious life for the ungrateful’s gain?
May your sins burn you at the falling of every rain

He curses the pristine, primeval sky
The light, the life, the virtue he shall all defy
He will welcomes the dark, the death, the vice
Clouds turn to crimson red by his baneful cry.

His vision is crossed, seeing infernos
Hearing evil whispers, thinking acts of evil
The ground, it shakes, bodies by the earth consumed
The devil, he rises, mankind and the heavens are doomed.

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