From the Skulls to the Stars, and all the in between.

Title:  From the Skulls to the Stars, and all the in between.
(From Death to Eternity, and all the in between is Life. The Life we choose. )

Claim: Let us make the hypothesis that Dracula was in the know: “The blood is the Life.”
Assumption? I assume that: The Bones is Death, and the Spirit is Eternity.
Conclusion: Do not fear death, for it is the stimulant of our vitality and fuels an ardent desire for the Life. Do not ignore Life, for it is what will enrich our soul and galvanize our Spirit for Eternity.

I fear Death because I don’t understand what happens after it pays you the morbid visit. It is not so much the act of it, but the aftermath of it. I fervently resist accepting that our time in this universe, our Life, is but a speck of dust in the wind, or a drop of water in the ocean. It seems too short to make good use of it. How can I possibly make the most of it? How can I even aspire to attain “the good life“ in the Socratic context? Unfortunately, I am not convinced this is possible for all people.
So you have once shot, one chance, to use the tools and opportunities wisely and to your advantage and there is no operating manual. You make choices and take decisions which have consequences that often snowball and show you how life is never without a sense of irony.

Keywords:  Karma. Nemesis. Divine Justice. Fate. Destiny. Luck. Religion.

Notions that indicate powers exist beyond the grasp of man.  Some refuse to believe in such 'rubbish'. The argument is that these concepts exist to comfort the weaklings, the frail, the little people who cannot bear the burden of their own actions weighing down like lead on their shoulders, or to act as doctrine and to deter them from harmful actions, through the fear of retaliation. These disbelievers are assured that Man can make his own destiny if he seizes the day and conquers his fears, and thus engraving a bright journey in the sands of time.
Yet I find it selfish and utterly egotistic for any man to make such claims with an air of vanity and the tone of affectation dripping from his lips.

'Stick it to the Man.'

I am not religious because I neither believe nor disbelieve in God; I neither believe nor disbelieve in Aliens as Man would depict them either. I would like to keep an open mind about both convictions and not take sides, just yet. I have not seen nor felt any proof of either's existence in the 28 years that I have been breathing. Besides, I am fond of the thought that I am way too young too delve into Cosmological discussions. Such matters are more fitting to be discussed by wise, elderly men with spectacles and long Gray beards over glasses of aged and glistening Cognac. Hmm...the portrait of the wise old man reminds me of something... Keyword: God?

Overriding Keyword: Proof.

I like proof; it makes things easier for me and I find comfort in it’s simplicity. It renders the hard cold evidence or facts that compel the mind to accept an assertion as being true. Belief is not part of any scientific equation; belief is not knowledge or truth, and truth is never a belief. This is one fundamental element in the branch of philosophy that is Epistemology but I am neither a scientist nor a philosopher. All I know in my heart is that fact and evidence is cold and servile to proving a theory.

Belief, now, that is warm and passionate and full of energy. Whether it be belief in some things that cannot be evidenced like reincarnation, like the fields of Elysium, like metaphysics in general or whether it be in some things that are frequently all around us but we sometimes cannot see or grasp them such as love, hope and dreams, belief in others and belief in yourself.


Because you cannot prove something does not necessarily make it less real, less true. To believe in something that is dear and close to your being, that helps you become a better person and makes your actions have a higher less selfish purpose then it is enough for it to be real and true to you and that is what enriches your soul and spirit. It is all those things that will help you attain a worthy ‘in between’ from the skulls, to the stars.


"Nothing as mundane as mere evidence can be allowed to threaten a vision so deeply satisfying." Thomas Sowell.


  1. Very inspiring and definitely food for thought! Keep writing xoxo

  2. i believe in the stars whether in the night sky or the brightest biggest one
    ...the universe (its always listening)
    ...true love (its out there)
    ...soul mates (in a friend or in a lover)
    and...chocolate (never fails to bring happiness to "all the in between")

    your writing gets me "hot and pulsing" ;)

  3. Well-written as always! I like your approach, my only point of disagreement is that having the hunger for knowledge at a "younger" age is not necessarily bad. At the end of the day i think we do need EVERY minute of our lives to try to solve the mystery of our existence and hence our purpose on this earth. I fear that if we leave this behind as a secondary matter for our "quiet philosophical" years, whilst concentrating on our pointless daily routine we may suddenly realise we have lost the true essence, being unable to turn back the hands of time to relive life in what we will judge then to be its true meaning. (dunno if that makes any sense lol)

    Here are some excerpts from an interesting publication I read a while ago, I think this is very much in line with what you are saying. Basically just because you cannot prove something using your limited intelligence and the tools you hold in your hands doesnt mean you can deny its existence altogether. Have a look:

    "Two and a half thousand years ago, Aristotle had said: "we must pay as much attention to the unproven sayings and opinions of experienced people, as to those which are proven, for it is by having the gaze of experience that they can see correctly.". He had therefore sensed that his logical rules of proof were not sufficient, in order to define everything."

    "...In other words, faith calls upon us to take a leap beyond compulsory knowledge. We cannot combine these two things.
    The dramatic thing about faith is that you are actually executing a giant leap, or a turn. What happens then? Your basis, your hypostasis, no longer reside in those things that nature offers you as secure and governable things. Hence, your faith is not supported on the prior experience of these already confirmed things; it comes from that turnabout, towards things that cannot be grasped by the senses. "

    "Faith, therefore, involves a non-support of our security, of our substance, by anything that can be grasped logically by our senses or our experience, because that would comprise a form of compulsion. From a positive viewpoint, it means placing our security in whatever cannot be grasped by our senses and cannot be confirmed by our experience. And when we say experience, I am referring to historical experience, as well as psychological experience, which may be pursuant to faith, but is not a presupposition and a basis for faith. "

    (...sorry for the blabla, i just find it to be a very intruiging subject!)


    1. Maki, thanks for your comment, apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I too find this an intriguing subject, faith vs proof, and my mention of 'cosmological discussions' being more fitting for the elderly and wise, was acquiescent of Socrates': "Γηράσκω αεί διδασκόμενος".
      I loved that you quoted Aristotle; I am quite familiar with his writings, and no doubt he was a visionary, choosing to adhere to a court's decision for his death penalty even when he had a chance to escape. Plato's "Crito" gives a close account to the grandeur of the man.
      And it is ever so poignant today, to compare the current situation, when the recent generations of politicians, corrupted the state and its people, and then when the knot reached the comb, they sold the country's soul to the devil, to save their chairs.
      It is such a waste for a nation that gave birth to democracy to see the people who should be upholding its values, instead to be stripping it to pieces.
      Aristotle and Sokrates are turning in their graves.

      P.S. read my latest post in Greek, inspired by yesterdays' events.


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